Goose Creek: Coffee Shop

cs.jpgIt’s been a busy June – so why not try Goose Creek’s Coffee Shop to help wake up? When I was a graduate student, I spent hours studying and working in various coffee houses around Rhode Island….so this scent is a welcomed flashback to my college days.

The Scent: Roasted and caramelized coffee with dashes of milk, hazelnut and espresso beans. It is a touch on the ‘flavored’ coffee side, with the caramel and mocha being strong notes, but did have an overall coffee bean aroma. Not bad – but I’d prefer less of that sweet note. B

The Throw: This is a quick fader. The throw is a light-medium that you instantly get used to and forget about. Rather than recreate a coffee shop, it creates a quick burst of coffee, then fades away. C

Overall, Coffee Shop is an okay scent. I long more for a freshly ground coffee scent, and this one was a touch on the sweet side. Combined with an only okay throw….I’ll just go to a real coffee shop for a college flashback.

-Kari Ann


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