Goose Creek: Apple Black Walnut

abwI am definitely in a cinnamon and apple trend lately….so it was only natural that Goose Creek’s Apple Black Walnut was my candle tumbler for the month of June. I got this tumbler at 70% off  and am really enjoying it so far!

The Scent: Cinnamon apple! This one is basically the scent from the cinnamon apple oatmeal that I ate as a child (and occasionally as an adult on a cold night). It is very autumnal. I don’t smell any walnut, but do enjoy that it is more on the spicy cinnamon than sweet apple. It is nothing too special, but great for an apples & cinnamon scent. B+

The Throw: Very nice – I’d say a medium. It fills up my living room with a medium scent that adds a nice cinnamon-like atmosphere without being overwhelming. B+

Overall, Apple Black Walnut is a nice scent…and is making me feel excited for my favorite season – fall! Even if we are months away.



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