Goose Creek: Lemon Vanilla Cake Batter

lvcb.jpgMy (not so secret) favorite scent is lemon. I love the tart and sweet mixed scent of sugared lemons and love the bright yellow wax typically associated with it. So I pounced at the new Goose Creek scent Lemon Vanilla Cake Batter.

The Scent: Sweetened lemonade with a hint of vanilla cream and just a dash of gooey cake mix. I do wish the lemon was a bit stronger and more tart, but it has a nice, dessert-like balance. There is also a hint of berry that seems out of place. I would have preferred less blueberry and more lemon….but, I do like this scent. B

The Throw: The throw is… a mixed bag of ups and downs. It kept bouncing between a light and medium – one minute pow!, next minute it was on the weak side, then back to dominate. Overall, I’d say it was a light-medium that was detectable throughout my living room. B-

Overall, Lemon Vanilla Cake Batter was okay. The throw could have been more consistent and the lemon could have been stronger. But, it was a wonderfully sweet scent that I am happy I tried.

-Kari Ann


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