Yankee Candle: Cinnamon Vanilla

cv.jpgYankee Candle’s Cinnamon Vanilla was an exciting new scent idea from three years ago. I gave it a disappointing review, after it turned out to be a poor-throw dud that smelled more like maple pancakes than a delicious glass of icy horchata. But I wanted a second try!

The Throw: Maple and caramel notes were pretty dominant, followed by a wonderful creamy vanilla and cinnamon flavored cold glass of milk. If you remove the caramel note, it smells like the Starbucks Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato Latte. If there was more cinnamon and vanilla, and less of that caramel note, it’d be a home run. C+

The Throw: Unfortunately, the throw is very weak. It is borderline scentless. I could only smell Cinnamon Vanilla if I were right next to the tart warmer – other than that, it immediately faded into the background. D-

Overall, Cinnamon Vanilla had so much potential – but the throw was still disappointing.

-Kari Ann



  1. Agreed. Loved sniffing this all the time in the store, with high hopes. Sadly not much cinnamon milk when warm. Cinna-almond-milk sounds like a great combo if done right.

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