Mixology: Summer Candy Apple

mixThe other day, I got inspired to try candle mixology. Mixology is when you melt two or more candle scents at the same time to create a new, more complex, scent. One of the most common ways people try mixology is by melting/mixing tarts.

A while back, Yankee Candle used to put out Mixology Lists – coming up with scent combinations that covered fresh, floral, fruit, and food based scents. Here, I will try out my own mixes!

Summer Candy Apple – half Forbidden Apple & half Cinnamon Vanilla.

The Scent: I enjoyed this one – the Cinnamon Vanilla added a candy/sugary sweetness to the tart green apple. It smelled like Yankee Candle’s Sugared Apple scent. It definitely reminded me of a candy-coated apple you’d get at a summer carnival or on a beach boardwalk (you know,  the hard, red candy shell.). Surprisingly, there was no caramel notes… just sugary apple. Overall, I liked it a lot! A-

The Throw: The throw was a light-medium that I wish were at least 2 notches higher. It had a subtle drifting scent that almost filled my living room, but was fairly forgettable once your nose got used to it. It did create a great scent experience, but the poor throws from the individual scents was working against me. C-

Overall, this Summer Candy Apple mix was a nice scent mash-up….I just wish the throw was a bit better.

-Kari Ann



  1. Good mix, I’ve been melting through my endless stash experimenting with mixology. I’ve liked a fresh mix of Dreamy Summer Nights/ Soft Blanket/ Beachwood. Golden Sands/Dreamy Summer Nights. Trying more soon that I will probably post.

    My niece loves Forbidden Apple, been trying to find a good mix that isn’t salted caramel. Maybe this combo will be less caramely.

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