Wallflower: Sun-Ripened Raspberry

srrwf.jpgI love Bath & Body Work’s classic scent of Sun-Ripened Raspberry. Last year, I gushed with excitement when Bath & Body Work’s brought back some of their classic scents.

Sun-Ripened Raspberry was my scent back in high school…..I loved everything about it as a teen….and still love it as an adult! So I had to grab this scent as a Wallflower during the last semi-annual sale.

The Scent: Sugared raspberries! This is a sweet, bright, and almost creamy raspberry scent of fresh red berries, thick sugar crystals, and a hint of vanilla. I love it! A

The (bulb) Throw: Amazing! This bulb’s throw completely fills up my cat’s litter box area…and drifts into the kitchen and even into my dining room. This throw is perfect at being ever-present and completely able to fill a room, but is not over-bearing. Over a week in, and it has set a gold standard for future Wallflowers. A

Overall, I just simply love this Wallflower of Sun-Ripened Raspberry. It has returned as a throwback obsession.

-Kari Ann


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