Yankee Candle: Midsummer’s Night

msn.jpgIn a rare occasion – I decided to melt a scent very much in season – Midsummer’s Night. This Yankee Candle classic has been described as the scent of a teenage boyfriend.

My brother is obsessed with this scent. He actually used to spritz his clothes with the room spray of Midsummer’s Night, almost wearing it as a cologne. Anyway, I thought it was about time I gave this one a melt and review.

The Scent: Very masculine, with notes of cologne,  patchouli, and sage. To me, it’s just okay. I may be in the dissenting opinion here, but Midsummer’s Night reminds me of a generic cologne that may have gone slightly stale, or had been sitting too long in direct sunlight. It’s not bad! Just not a mind-blowing scent. B- 

The Throw: Very good; I’d say a solid medium throw. It completely filled up my living room for many hours. No complaints, it definitely has a throw that you will be able to smell and enjoy. B+

Midsummer’s Night is, and I think will be, a part of Yankee Candle’s regular line-up for a while. It is one of the classic Yankee Candle scents that have helped define this company. I may not be a huge fan, but I can certainly appreciate it!

-Kari Ann



  1. I feel the exact same way about this scent… i like it and appreciate it but no where near enough to buy it in anything larger than a tart (or something else that is small) once a year. There are others that are similar- like Man Town- that i feel are MUCH better, in my opinion, and can’t get enough of…

    • I have always wanted to like this scent seeing as I burn in season scents year round, but could never get over how strong this is. I prefer Dreamy Summer Nights (my current burn). It still has a warmth but the vanilla and heliotrope keep it from being too masculine.

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