Yankee Candle: Passion Fruit Martini

martini1.jpgLast year, I was instantly smitten with the (then new) Passion Fruit Martini scent from Yankee Candle. This is my type of scent – fruity, tropical, summery! While at a Yankee Candle Outlet a little while ago, Passion Fruit Martini medium tumblers were $8 with any purchase, and came in a cute candle cover. I broke down and grabbed one.

The Scent: A tropical smoothie that remind me of Hawaiian Punch fruit punch (the red powder). It has that nice passion fruit scent, with dashes of creamy mango, citrus, and pineapple. It just screams summer and will transport you to a tropical beach, with a cold cocktail in hand. A

martini2The Throw: Amazing. This tumbler consistently fills up my entire living room with a medium to medium-strong throw. This one is a winner. A

So yeah, I am still smitten with Passion Fruit Martini. It has a perfect blend of tropical fruits that is not too artificial or overly sweet. If you like fruit-based scents even a little, this is a must-try.

-Kari Ann


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