Throwback: Coconut Mango

cm.jpgI am one of those people who have 5 body sprays and perfumes actively in my routine at any given moment – so it can take a while for me to use up a body spray.

One that I have had in my rotating routine for a while is Coconut Mango from Bath & Body Works.

A while back (at least 5 years ago), Bath & Body Works released a Signature Coconut collection. This series featured coconut mixes of body creams, body sprays, and shower gel. There were maybe five scents (? I think), all of which were Coconut and another complementary scent. Ones I remember was the insanely popular Coconut Vanilla, Coconut Pineapple, Coconut Lemon, Coconut Passion Fruit, and (my favorite) Coconut Mango.

This collection was a hit- at least in my area. Coconut Vanilla sold out immediately. A year or two later, Bath & Body Works released a Summer Vanillas collection, which included Coconut Vanilla – and a version of this scent is even part of their line-up now.

Anyway – I was lucky to get a body spray of Coconut Mango at the June Semi-Annual Sale of that year (maybe 2012?). This scent is magical. Tropical mango balanced by a creamy coconut. It is a tropical fruit mix that is one of my prized possessions. The scent is strong (but not overwhelming), leaving you feeling dipped in Mango and Coconut.

I get frequently get compliments when it is my fragrance of the day.

So – here is my throwback – Coconut Mango from Bath & Body Works Signature Coconut. A wonderful scent from a great collection!

-Kari Ann


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