Wallflowers: Sweet Honey Bee

shb.jpgI love bees… seriously! Photographing them, studying them, and of course, enjoying their hard-work (aka honey). So the Sweet Honey Bee Wallflower scent from Bath & Body Works caught my eye.

The Scent: This seriously smells like honey. Sweet and floral. It has that sweet, gooey, amber, crystallized honey with dashes of floral pollen. I have to be honest, it’s weird as a room scent… but certainly smells like honey! B

The (Bulb) Throw: Very nice! This bulb fills my bedroom without being over-bearing. It scents the room, masks any stale smells, but is mellow enough  to be part of the room (and not in-your-face). It’s my type of Wallflower throw. A

Overall, Sweet Honey Bee is the real deal! But it is a bit weird as a room diffuser scent….maybe I’d like it more as a candle so the scent isn’t as constant?

-Kari Ann


One comment

  1. Ooh, I love honey too, and bees. I liked this when I sniffed the candle but wasn’t sure about throw. Good to know the wallflower is a strong performer, I might not put it in the bathroom, but the kitchen would be nice.

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