No More Simply Home Candles?

kohlsThe other day, I found myself in Kohls. My husband really needed new work pants. After I successfully found a pair, I ventured over to the candle section.

First – all summer candles were on clearance. There was lots of great wax and car fresheners at 50% off.

BUT – the new candles being put on display were not Yankee Candle Simply Home – but actual Yankee Candles – the same scent and design you’d get from a stand alone Yankee Candle!

Just thought I’d pass that along!

-Kari Ann


One comment

  1. I noticed the same thing at a nearby Kohl’s, as well. Every… EVERY candle and ALL wax was marked as CLEARANCE, not just the “seasonal” stuff. I brought this to the attention of a YC fan page on Facebook and someone who works at Kohl’s pretty much blew it off as business as usual. She clearly failed to read my post, where i said that EVERYTHING was marked-down. No answer from her as to what is happening to the Simply Home line, if anything, or from my dear sister who works at a Kohl’s as well. How hard is it to inquire about a product line in one’s own store? Very, apparently. I can only assume the SH line is being discontinued which is a shame because there are some great scents in it. They’ll probably all be re-packaged as “NEW” scents in the next few years. YC has really changed since Newell took over… :\

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