Yankee Candle: Mountain Lodge

Oh Mountain Lodge – how I do love thee!

mlYankee Candle’s Mountain Lodge reminds me of a weekend getaway in a secluded mountain cabin during peak bloom in New England. The scent makes me visualize the dark brown wooden cabin, complete with a wood-carved black bear, and a small fireplace. The windows are open to a chilly breeze off a small lake, surrounded by pine trees.

The Scent: Woodsy, warm, complex. This scent is hard to describe, but is amazing. It’s a ‘visual scent’ where the combination of notes spark images of cool mountain breezes through tall cedar trees and the warm of a fire from a hearth. It smells like a mountain cabin. A

The Throw: The unfortunate downfall of Mountain Lodge is that the throw is on the light side. It does have a detectable throw – it’s just light, does not have a particularly good scent radius, and can get lost into the background. If the throw were maybe 2 notches higher – it’d be a home run. C

My husband and I love to hike. My favorite has been Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. Mountain Lodge makes me want to plan a long weekend trip to a mountain – The Great Smokey Mountains are on my radar!

-Kari Ann



One comment

  1. Yes! Mountain Lodge is my all time favorite Yankee scent, my husband’s too. I love the ozone note which brings the fresh air and it’s masculine w/o overdoing the cologne. Great description and imagery.
    We took that Great Smokies cabin trip with friends going on 10 yrs ago-you should definitely do it! It’s beautiful hiking and serene views. I bet New England hikes are stunning.

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