Yankee Candle Fragrance Sphere

Fragrance Spheres from Yankee Candle’s (now retired) Simply Home line at Kohl’s are all on clearance for under $3.

sphere.jpgWay back in 2012, when Fragrance Spheres first came out, Jenna and I both reviewed them. We had been so excited to try this passive scent diffussor and loved the look of the scented gel beads. Unfortunately, there scent appeal faded quickly and we both determined that it was more of a cute desk or bathroom decoration than an actual scent diffussor.

Now return to 2017 – I grabbed a fragrance sphere in Stony Cove for my bathroom….and have come to the same conclusion. For this first week – it was a pretty, subtle, yet detectable scent that perfumed the air. Now after about 1.5 weeks, it is basically scentless unless you happen to be standing over the beads.

I still think it is cute – and do love non-flame scent products – but I couldn’t see myself regularly paying ~$6 for this product.

PS – Stony Cove is a nice scent! It is a fresh, slightly beachy, slight fresh air, slightly earthy scent. It is one of those fresh-based scents that belongs in the bathroom (without being too sterile smelling!)

-Kari Ann



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