Bath & Body Works: Sugared Citrus Sorbet

scs1When I saw this Sugared Citrus Sorbet candle at the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale, I had to buy it. From the wonderful sugared-orange scent to the beautiful orange glass jar….this candle met almost every one of my ‘dream candle’ check marks. If only the throw were slightly better.

The Scent: This is a candle that smelled better cold than lit…but was still enjoyable. It has a wonderful sugary, creamy orange scent. It is a touch like a creamsicle…but with less vanilla and more sugar crystals. It reminds me of those gummy orange slides, with fruity sugar crystals covering it. When it was lit, it did have a touch of that ‘soy wax’ smell…but was still wonderful. B+

scs2The Throw: The throw is just okay…I’d say a light-medium. It is detectable and did fill up a large radius of my living room – it was just very subtle. As I mentioned in the scent description, it had that slightly soy-wax scent that also translated over to the gentle throw. So it wasn’t bad, and was definitely a scent you could consistently smell when it was lit. It just was lack luster and needed a bit more ‘pow’. B-

Overall, I liked Sugared Citrus Sorbet. The scent was great and perfect for summer, all the while it was a lovely decoration in the orange glass jar. However, the throw lacked that special factor me me.

-Kari Ann


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