Yankee Candle Simply Home: Tuscan Waters

twI had assumed Yankee Candle’s Tuscan Waters from Kohl’s (now retired) Simpy Home line would just be a copy of Yankee Candle’s Riviera Escape. But boy was I wrong!

While I hated Riviera Escape, I was delighted by the tropical scent of Tuscan Waters! – it was my idea of summer.

The Scent: Subtle touches of vanilla, honeydew melon, salty air, and maybe of a touch of coconut milk. It merges the best parts of summer – fresh, salty air, fresh fruit, and a creamy touch of sugar. A

The Throw: The throw was average, borderline forgettable. It was detectable, but it was the type of throw your nose gets used to. This scent was so great, I wanted it to be a wow factor. C+

Overall, I loved Tuscan Waters. I grabbed this tart at Kohl’s for 50% off…and hope there area a few more left!

-Kari Ann


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