Soap: Lakeside Afternoon

lsa.jpgMy soap for August is Lakeside Afternoon from Bath & Body Works. This foaming soap scent is awesome! I seriously love it.

The description on the side says “fresh rain, sun-soaked lavender, dockside breeze.” It is a perfect scent encapsulation of a late summer afternoon by a lake. A warm breeze brings the slightly sweet, definitively fresh scent of a small lake, with just a hint of wildflowers and greenery.

Memory time: When my husband and I were in graduate school (before we were married), he was lucky to enough to live in a lake house rental that I often crashed at. In Rhode Island, you can rent some pretty amazing houses at a great deal for a 9 month window (September-May). While it was a pain for him to have to find alternative housing for the summer (aka my apartment), he got to live in a lake house, directly on a lake, complete with it’s own dock.

This soap scent reminds me of the early September and late June days where would be enjoying the sunset outside,  casting a few lines from the dock.

Anyways, I am loving Lakeside Afternoon!

-Kari Ann


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