Sonoma: Peach Gelato

pgSonoma is one of Kohl’s product lines- one of those products being candles and wax cubes. Their scented wax cubes are normally priced at $5.99, which equates to about a dollar per cube (no way!). But in typical Kohl’s fashion, you never pay full price – you only have to wait for it to go on sale or clearance. Peach Gelato caught my eye (and my nose). It was on clearance as Kohl’s begins to put out their fall line, so I decided to give it a try.

The Scent: I loved Peach Gelato. It had a nice, well, peach scent – the kind of scent when you first cut open a fresh-picked and perfectly ripe peach. It is one of the more true peach scents I’ve come across, even if it has just that hint of ‘artificial’ peach scent. It also had a creaminess, almost like the peach was pureed and frozen. A

The Throw: I wish it were a bit stronger and last a bit longer. I’d say the throw was a medium to light-medium. It did fill my living room and have about an hour of wonderful scent output. However, the scent faded pretty quickly. I was using 2 cubes at a time and was lucky if I got 4 hours of that light-medium throw. C

Overall, Peach Gelato was a great summer scent that I really enjoyed. I just wish the throw would have had a bit more duration.

-Kari Ann


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