Fuji Apple – Yankee Candle Simply Home

fap.jpgAll Yankee Candle Simply Home products are currently on clearance at my local Kohl’s. This included non-seasonal scents, such as Fuji Apple. Fuji Apple is basically Macintosh, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for one last melt.

The Scent: Fresh, juicy apple. I love how apple scents (when done right) translate over to wax. This one smells slightly sweet, and completely fresh, just like biting into a fresh-picked apple. You can smell the red skin of the apple, and well as the sweet juice from the apple’s flesh. Simple, pure apple. A

The Throw: Fuji Apple had a solid medium throw that last for hours upon hours. It filled up my living room and was ever-present (aka, always smellable), but not too ‘bam in your face.’ This was a delightful throw. A

Overall, I loved Fuji Apple – and think it is completely comparable to Yankee Candle’s normal Macintosh. So, if you like apple scents, check your local Kohl’s for Fuji Apple on clearance. If they are out, you can always try Macintosh during the $1 tart sales.

-Kari Ann


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