Mixology: Vanapple

Next up on my mixology creations, the apple and vanilla combination I have termed Vanapple.

Vanapple: Vanilla Cupcake and Fuji Apple

mix5.jpgThe Scent: The scent is subtle – like a sweetened apple dessert. It reminded me a bit of Sugared Apple from Yankee Candle. The creamy vanilla is almost custard-like and cuts through the sharpness from the fresh apple. It works, yet was not as seamless as I would have hoped. It did not remind me of a particular dessert (aka, I never got that ‘this smells just like…” feeling). It smelled liked I had just combined apple and vanilla instead of transforming into a new scent like a few of the mixologys I’ve tried. Overall, it was just okay. B-

The Throw: The throw was terrible. Because Vanilla Cupcake already had such a weak throw, I think it diluted the Fuji Apple throw. So the result was barely any vanilla throw and a weakened apple throw. It was overall on the light side and very forgettable. D

Overall, Vanapple was a great idea in my head, it just did not execute the way I had hoped. The scent was rather lackluster, but still pleasant, and the throw was terrible.

-Kari Ann



  1. Ok, I like where you’re going with this one. Add in oak and spice and it would be perfect, if the throw was there of course. I like Sugared Apple in small doses, I think it’s a strong thrower, but can be slightly heavy on the powder. My family loves it though!

    • Oak and Spice would be nice here! I’m really into apple right now, but feel like most apple combos are overdone (spice, caramel, pie crust)… back to the drawing board! 🙂

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