Woodwick: Apple Trio

wwI had Kohl’s cash that I needed to spend and decided to avoid the Yankee Candle section to try something new. Enter Woodwick.

Woodwick candles are part of Yankee Candle’s parent company and are worth seeking out. Their ‘set me apart’ factor is the crackling wick. Once lit, it creates a crackling sound like a controlled campfire. This Apple Trio caught my eye, and nose, because I am so ready for fall! The cold sniff of apples, brandy, and caramel instantly convinced how I’d spend my Kohl’s Cash.

The Scents: This candle was a home run. Each scent brought something unique and really shined when a scent was transitioning to the next, creating a harmonious apple blend. My favorite by far was the top scent of Salted Caramel Apple. This scent was autumn gold – fresh and tart green apple with a sweet and gooey caramel with just a touch of salt. The middle scent, Gingered Apple & Pear, was not quite as amazing as Salted Caramel Apple, but still enjoyable. Gingered Apple & Pear was a bit more subdued with notes of pear and apple. The ginger was lost to me. Apple Brandy was the final scent (and deepest wax layer). It smelled liked soft apples seeped in boozy brandy and just a kiss of spice, very nice. Overall, this apple trio was wonderful – three different, yet authentic, apple scents sure to get you ready for fall. A+

ww2The Throw: Wonderful! All three were a medium-strong, with Salted Caramel Apple being the strongest and Gingered Apple & Pear being (comparatively) the least strong, but still detectable. All three completely filled my living room and were consistently detectable, aka, they didn’t fade into the background. A

Overall, this Woodwick apple trio was a pleasure. From sweet and salty caramel, to a pear-apple combo, to a mulled apple brandy. I do wish the wax layers were all the same depth – about half the scent life was just on Apple Brandy. It was a nice scent, but I wanted more of the Salted Caramel Apple. The wick does crackle like a fire – and boy am I now ready for cool nights with a glass of warm apple cider!

Kari Ann


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