Mango Margarita: Sonoma

mmI grabbed some Mango Margarita scented wax cubes from Kohl’s for 50% off. As the new autumn scents are coming out, fun summer scents are getting put on clearance at Kohl’s, allowing for one last summer hurrah.

The Scent: It’s good, but did not remind me of a mango margarita. It is a creamy peach and mango blend, almost like a smoothie. It needed a touch more salt and boozey notes for me to love it. B+

The Throw: Unfortunately, the throw was on the weaker side. It was only barely detectable, and faded away quickly. It’s the type of throw that you completely forget about unless you are sitting right next to the tart warmer. D+

Overall, Mango Margarita was a tropical summertime scent, but lacked a good throw and that margarita feel I was hoping for.

-Kari Ann


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