Yankee Candle Simply Home: Cinnamon Pine

cpI got this holiday scent on clearance. Cinnamon Pine was part of the Yankee Candle’s (now retired) Simply Home line that is currently on clearance at my local Kohl’s. I have been experimenting with mixology lately and what’s a better holiday mash-up than cinnamon and pine tree?

The Scent: I loved this scent cold, but there was something off about it once it melted. It was more of a ‘red hots’ cinnamon candy with a dash of bathroom cleaner pine. The cinnamon note was very artificial and both over-powered and clashed with the pine. It’s too bad, but the cold sniff gave me hope that this combo could work. D+

The Throw: It took forever for this one to start to be detectable (seriously, like a few hours), but after that, it was a pleasant light-medium. So it was good, but not amazing. It did last a long time though. C+

Overall, Cinnamon Pine was disappointing – but made me want to try creating my own Christmas mix-up!

-Kari Ann


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