Yankee Candle Simply Home: Holiday Magic

hmHoliday Magic is the very last Yankee Candle Simply Home tart in my collection. The dreary weather has put me in the mood for a holiday scent…and I guess it’s time to move on and say farewell the the Simply Home line from Kohl’s.

The Scent: Holiday Magic has too much going on. It’s almost like a tri-blend of Sparkling Snow, Sparkling Pine, and Sparkling Cinnamon. The most dominant note is that Sparkling Snow, which has always reminded me of clean Irish Springs soap with a dash of ice. The pine and cinnamon notes where present, but seemed to fight with each other. Overall, it’s okay. Maybe if the soap note was a bit weaker and the pine note stronger…. overall, it was interesting, but did not remind me of Chrismas. C

The Throw: The throw was pretty good…I’d say a solid medium. It filled up my living room pretty consistently for many hours. No complaints, but no wow factor. B+

Overall, Holiday Magic was interesting. I imagine it would be the scent combination you’d get if you melted Sparkling Snow, Sparkling Cinnamon, and Sparkling Pine all together. It was a bit busy, but unique.

-Kari Ann


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