Mixology: Holiday Twist

Okay, this mixology is admittedly a mistake. I was planning on doing a fall mixology with Cranberry Twist and Apple Pumpkin….and long story short, I forgot that I had not cleaned out my tart warmer when I added a half of Cranberry Twist. I didn’t notice until I started smelling cinnamon and realized…ooops!

Holiday Twist: Holiday Magic and Cranberry Twist

hcheerThe Scent: Weird but not terrible, that’s how I have to describe it! It smelled like a mix cinnamon, berry, and a touch of booze. It was weird since the dominant notes in each individual tart seemed to change when blended. I could only smell cinnamon from Holiday Magic, and Cranberry Twist had a bit more lime and I swear a hint of champagne. It smelled like a few friends having a holiday martini in a room with a cinnamon candle melting. Like I said, weird but not terrible. C

The Throw: The throw was on the light-medium side. It was the type of throw that your nose got used to, but if you had to leave the room to grab, say an ice cube, when you walked back in, you could smell the cinnamon-fruity blend again. Then after about 5 minutes, you’d get used to it again. I do recognize that the base of Holiday Magic had already been melted for many hours, so I expect if I added it fresh, that cinnamon note would have been a bit stronger. C

Okay – so Holiday Twist was a weird, but not a horrible, mistake. I’d never make this blend again, but didn’t hate it. I also recognize this mix would be hard to replicate! Sometimes creatively needs a push! Also, I will definitely check that I cleaned my tart warmer before I add wax for now on!

-Kari Ann



  1. Lol, oops. A happy accident blend. I’ve tried Cranberry Twist and like nearly all berries, it’s too sweet for me. I hoped that the hint of lime and ginger note would come out, I did some mixology last summer forcing the lime w/Margarita Time, not too bad, but not a combo I’d crave either. Spice is nice, I’m convinced a ginger would enhance it…

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