Car Freshener: Great Smokey Mountains

sasm.jpgYankee Candle released a See America collection this past summer to celebrate our National Parks. I don’t live very close to a Yankee Candle, so I sort of missed out on this line.

But, I recently made an online order and decided to get a car freshener in one of the six scents: Great Smokey Mountains. My husband and I have been to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area in Tennessee a few times and have fallen in love with the majestic Great Smokey Mountains.

Great Smokey Mountain is a nice scent, but is also a touch boring. It’s a pine scent… a good pine scent, but nothing really innovative. So no complaints, but I feel like this could easily be a Christmas scent, or even a cabin in the woods scent. The throw has been good; for the past 3 days, my car has definitely been filled with a fresh pine scent!

So, Great Smokey Mountains from the See America Collection is a nice pine scent that I would probably buy as a candle, even if its a little bland.

-Kari Ann



    • Hi Matty, I am not sure. But historically, when Yankee Candle releases a collection, it is typically limited, or unavailable outside of the country it was released it. Sorry! Hope I am wrong!

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