Banana Pudding: Goose Creek

bpBanana Pudding is one of Goose Creek’s new scents from this summer. I was intrigued!

The Scent: I mean this in a positive way – it smells like banana-flavored candy. Was anyone a fan of Runts when they were younger? It reminds me of those yellow banana pieces. Sweet and an over-exaggerated, sugary banana. Fans of the World Journey scent Canary Island Banana will definitely recognize part of that banana note. There is a hint of vanilla cream, but other than that, it was mostly that candied banana scent. I do wish it had more of a Nilla wafer note because this was a banana scent more than it was a banana pudding scent. Overall, it was a fun scent. B+

The Throw: The throw was pretty run of the mill, I’d say a light-medium to a medium. It was consistently detectable, just muted. I think if it were one notch higher, it’d been perfect for this scent. B-

Overall, Banana Pudding by Goose Creek was an interesting scent that reminded me of Canary Island Banana… so there is still a candle world need for a realistic banana pudding scent.

-Kari Ann


One comment

  1. My Grandaughter bought me 2 goose Creek candles this week( she’s a very kind girl) 1. Sugared Cinnamon Donut 2. Butter Cookie. Both very nice.. Have you reviewed these 2 candles?

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