Dazzling Red Maple: Yankee Candle

drmDazzling Red Maple is one of Yankee Candle’s new 2017 fall scents. This one was not at all what I expected. Since I don’t live near a Yankee Candle, I ordered this online and only had the scent description, and name, to go off of. Simply put, Dazzling Red Maple was a huge disappointment.

The Scent: Dazzling Red Maple smelled like a potent incense – and not in a good way. Sandalwood, sage, and a weird ashy-wood scent. It did not remind me of autumn at all, or even a fresh tree scent. This one was trying to be unique and ended up being just terrible. D-

The Throw: Despite some bad throw reviews, my tart had a medium-strong throw. It completely filled my living room for the entirety of Football Sunday. Not overwhelming, yet a dominant scent. No complaints of the throw from me. (The scent is another story). A

Overall, I hated Dazzling Red Maple. It smelled like a terrible incense scent and didn’t even have a touch of fall. I’ll be avoiding this one in the future.

-Kari Ann


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