Warm Luxe Cashmere: Yankee Candle

wlc.jpgI have been appreciating the scent variety of this year’s fall candle line-up. The last few years have been pumpkin overload… and while I love pumpkin, it’s nice to have some new scents to throw into the mix. Up next is Warm Luxe Cashmere, one of Yankee Candle’s new fall 2017 scents.

The Scent: This scent is delightful – warm and cozy. It smells like fresh laundry mixed with a floral vanilla. It’s a unique scent that reminds me of snuggling up with a flannel blanket on a chilly fall night. A

The Throw: The throw on my tart is a decent medium with moments of being a light-medium. It is detectable and filled my living room, but almost faded in and out. One minute, I was enjoying this pleasant aroma, next minute I’d almost forget I had something melting. While it is way better than average, if it were one notch stronger, this could be a grand slam. B

Overall, I am really enjoying Warm Luxe Cashmere. It is definitely a fall scent that doesn’t depend on the apple and pumpkin cliches. I’ve heard the candles have a terrible throw – so I’d suggest trying this one is tart form!

-Kari Ann



    • I liked it so much more than I thought I would. It’s definitely one of the most promising new scents (in my opinion of course!). I’ll be excited to see what you think!

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