Sunset Sangria: Signature Soy

ssangria.jpgI am a fan of the Signature Soy candles sold at Target. I discovered them a a few years ago when I moved away from a Marshalls/TJMaxx and was trying to find a source for brick & mortar affordable candles. They come in some fun scents, that change each season, and are pretty reasonably priced. (For example, a large tumbler at full price is $15). Even better is when you can score one on clearance. I grabbed Sunset Sangria at 70% off!

The Scent: This is a fun, fruit punch-like scent. It has a slight, fresh-squeezed orange scent, mixed with a touch of berry, and balanced by some  sugared citrus notes. It smells like the red Kool-Aid mix, with an extra pulse of orange. It is a tropical scent that I’ve been enjoying. B+

The Throw: The throw has been pretty good – I’d say a medium to occasions of medium-light. Once a wax pool gets started (which is a bit of a challenge), the throw will fill up my living room. It is one of those scents you will become accustomed to after a little while, but is not forgettable. I do wish it were a bit stronger. As I alluded to above – this one is a tunneler. I have to foil hat this one pretty regularly. B-

Overall, Sunset Sangria is an enjoyable summer-fruit scent, even though it has been tunneling badly. Its nothing too special, or unique, but is filling that ‘end-of-summer’ need before fall goes into full effect!

-Kari Ann



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