Sugared Pumpkin Swirl: Yankee Candle

sps.jpgIt wouldn’t be fall without at least one new pumpkin scent! Sugared Pumpkin Swirl is one of Yankee Candle’s new 2017 scents that I was excited to try.

The Scent: This is a fairly complex and unique pumpkin scent. The most dominant notes are maple and caramel. At first, I was worried that the caramelized maple scent would overtake my living room. But after a while, a pumpkin pie filling scent emerged; think pumpkin puree with cinnamon and honey. Overall, this is a nice scent. It is perhaps a touch too strong on the maple and too light on the pumpkin – but it all still works beautifully as a unique fall scent! B+

The Throw: Really nice – a solid medium. This is a throw that completely filled up my living room and was always present, but never too overbearing. It also lasted many hours! Overall, I was very happy! A-

Sugared Pumpkin Swirl is a unique autumn scent. Pumpkin puree smothered in maple and caramel. My husband even gave a “I like this scent a lot” approval – that is a rare event! The maple note is just a touch too strong for me to deem it a full A…but it’s pretty close to being a favorite new fall scent!

-Kari Ann



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