Honeycrisp Apple Cider: Yankee Candle

hcaHoneycrisp Apple Cider is the seemingly required new apple scent for Yankee Candle’s 2017 fall scents. I was probably the most excited for this one since I love fresh, crisp apple scents like Macintosh and Granny Smith. While I did enjoy it, I found it to be nothing special…

The Scent: It did smell like a sweet apple, but it was almost too sweet for my personal preference. It also did not have that ‘just picked’ freshness that Macintosh has, rather, it reminded me more of a sweetened apple pie filling minus the spice. Speaking of no spice, that cider note was just not there as I didn’t get any cinnamon or other spice notes. Overall, it smelled like stewed honeycrisp apples with a sprinkling of sugar. B

The Throw: The throw could stand to be a notch higher or have a wider scent radius, but overall was just fine. It was a light-medium to periods of a medium to periods of medium-strong. It seemed to take forever to get going, but did eventually become a nice, subtle-to-strong, background scent. It had a small to medium scent radius, so my tart was begging to be melted in a smaller room. After a while, the throw did extend to a farther area, but was was too ‘off and on’ my liking. There were moments, in pulses, where I would detect the sweeten apple scent in an almost strong throw, then periods when it would fade from my mind. It’s above average, but not quite star quality for me. B

Overall, Honeycrisp Apple Cider was enjoyable, but did need a bit of spice to cut the sweetness and a throw just a touch stronger. If you’re like Jenna and hate that so many apple scents have a dose of cinnamon, it may be worth checking out!

-Kari Ann



  1. This scent sparked some fandom debate due to the absence of spice. The inspiration is supposedly fresh-pressed cider rather than mulled cider, therefore no spice, but the inclusion of peel. I enjoy it, but I don’t like Macintosh. Not sure what specific qualities Honeycrisp have though. Possibly a middle ground apple, not as tart or sweet?

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