Sweet Cherry Pie: Wallflower

scpwallflowerI let my husband pick out the next Bath & Body Works Wallflower for my cat’s litter box area. He wanted something fruity, so we settled on Sweet Cherry Pie.

The Scent: This one smells like a candied cherry. It’s basically the cherry pie filling as a scent. It’s nice, but does not remind me of pie, just sweet cherry. I couldn’t detect any of the pie crust or almond notes in the description. Fans of Yankee Candle’s Black Cherry will enjoy this scent… which includes me! A-

The (Bulb) Throw: The bulb throw is a medium – perfectly fine, but nothing mind-blowing. It definitely fills up my laundry room and masks my cat’s litter box, but it doesn’t quite have the wow factor that a few of my previous Wallflowers have had. Overall, I’m happy. B+

Overall, I do like Sweet Cherry Pie…I just wish it had more of a pie note!

-Kari Ann


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