September Report Card

September was a fun month full of new fall scents! Here are my two favorites and my two no-so-favorites.

September 2017

Best Scents

  1. Warm Luxe Cashmere – Yankee Candle (A/B)
  2. Sugared Pumpkin Swirl – Yankee Candle (B+/A-)

Worst Scents

  1. Dazzling Red Maple – Yankee Candle (D-/A)
  2. Cranberry Twist– Yankee Candle (C+/C)


  1. Beautiful photo! I missed some of these, but I wasn’t actually impressed w/the Warm Cashmere melt cup. Didn’t have much impact nor did it feel unique, just soft and pleasant. I like Sug. Pump. Swirl and still need to try Dazzling Maple…

    • Thanks – I’ve been a little unexcited about this fall line… and even less expected about that winter line! A family friend had Warm Luxe in a jar and also noted the throw could have been better. Too bad!

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