All Hallows Eve Jar Tray

raven2I love Halloween… a lot! I try to get at least one new Halloween piece each year in an effort to build up my spooky decor. This year, I loved a few of Yankee Candle’s collections, so i bought myself a few pieces.

One collection that caught my eye was “All Hallows Eve.” I loved the purple and orange color palette and I’ve always been a fan of spooky-looking trees. It was my type of Halloween-themed decorations.

raven1I ordered this online, so when I received it, it was a bit more dark than I expected. It needs light to shine through to really sparkle, which is hard when it lies flt on the table.

However, I still love it, especially when it hits the light. I’ll aim to put this one of a plate stand.

-Kari Ann



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