Soap: Fresh Lemonade

flI needed a new soap for the bathroom, and like I usually do, I just blinded grabbed a soap from my stockpile. Up next for October: Fresh Lemonade from Bath & Body Works.

I’ve always thought that lemon is one of the best soap scents. It smells clean, fresh, and wonderful. (Because, let’s face it, sometimes it’s weird having your soap smell like mocha or candy.)

It is also true that I am just a huge fan of all lemon scents, and Fresh Lemonade is no exception. It smells like sweet, fresh squeezed lemonade. It has that lemon-flavored sugar crystals vibe, but does have hints of tangy lemon and lime. I love it!

-Kari Ann



  1. Hi Girls, From these three Bath & Body Works lemon scents: Limoncello, Kitchen Lemon, Southern Lemon Chiffon and Fresh Lemonade, which is your favorite and why? Thanks for the input!

    • Hi Mary, This is hard. Well, I have never tried/smelled Southern Lemon Chiffon (sorry), but I’d say Fresh Lemonade. It was a perfect balance of lemon and sugar and had just the right amount of scent (in soap foam). Hope that helps. I also have an affinity for Kitchen Lemon, but it reminds me of my old job at a shellfish hatchery. The lemon scent was the best way to get the dead fish smell off my hands!

      • Great answer! Kitchen Lemon is good for garlic and onion odors, also. I will try Fresh Lemonade soon, thanks!

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