Sunset Fields: Yankee Candle

sfSunset Fields is one of the new fall 2017 Yankee Candle scents. Typically, I don’t like floral scents, so I was not particularly excited for this one. But I thought I’d give it a chance! Turns out, it’s not really a floral scent…. it’s an amber and musk scent.

The Scent: I absolutely hated this scent. It was a weird amber-floral-musk that was almost headache-inducing. It was more of a cologne-scent than a floral scent. I found it boring and to be nothing special. This was just not my type of scent, but I could see people who like amber and musk scents enjoying it. D+

The Throw: The throw was complicated but decent. It was weak in the beginning, but steadily rose to a medium after a few hours. It did finally fill up my living room and became a great background scent (despite me hating the scent). Overall, I’d say it was above average but not quite amazing. B

Overall, Sunset Fields was just not my type of scent. This is one I’ll pass in the future.

-Kari Ann



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