Sweet Fig & Pomegranate: Yankee Candle

spfSweet Fig & Pomegranate is one of Yankee Candle’s new 2017 fall scents. I love pomegranate as a fall scent – it’s rich, sweet, and slightly berry-like. I was excited to try this one!

The Scent: This one was nice, and weirdly unique in a great way. To me, it smelt like fresh pine needles and raspberries covered in crushed-but-sweet pomegranate seeds with a touch of dried fig. It was both fresh and fruity and the sweetness notes were more on the natural-fruit side than a sugary side, which I loved! Overall, I loved this autumal fruity scent! A

The Throw: The throw was great, I’d say a solid medium with perhaps moments of a medium-strong. It completely filled up my living room with a constantly detectable for multiple hours. This scent had a presence! A

Overall, I loved Sweet Fig & Pomegranate. This is a nice, autumnal fruit scent that has just a touch of berry and natural sweetness from the pomegranate. If you are looking for a non-apple and non-pumpkin based fall scent, this one is worth a try!

-Kari Ann



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