Midnight Sophia Jar Candle Tray

catplate1I broke down and bought this adorable jar tray from the Midnight Sophia collection at Yankee Candle. I’m glad I did since it is already sold out online! I had been hoping to grab the jar shade too once it went one sale, but it looks like this was a popular item!

There are so many things I love about this jar tray. For one, I love cats and think this black Halloween cat design is both cute and slightly spooky. It’s perfect for my person style preferences. Second, I love the rest of the ‘scene” with the cat delicately balancing on a tree branch and the bats in the background.

catplate2I also love the color. I think purple is such a good Halloween color and is just a touch more charming than solid black. Lastly, I love the moon in the center…it adds a brightness to the look. I thought it was the sticker at first, but was wrong – it’s part of the design!

Anyways, I really enjoyed Yankee Candle’s Halloween collection this year and hope they continue this trend of going all out for my favorite holiday!

-Kari Ann



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