Strawberry Lemon Ice: Yankee Candle

sliStrawberry Lemon Ice from Yankee Candle should be the type of scent that I rave about. It was part of the 2016 spring line up, and I’ve reviewed it positively before. However, the second time around, I hated it!

The Scent: This scent was just terrible to me. It smelled like strawberry-scented sugar. You know, the pink candy dust that has that artificial strawberry flavor? I could not detect any lemon, so it was only a fake-smelling berry-like sweetness. Yuck! D

The Throw: The throw was a solid medium that was completely satisfactory. It filled up my living room and the scent even linger after my tart warmer was off. Overall, it was just fine, It could have been a touch stronger and had a slightly larger scent radius, but it was constantly detectable. B

So, I hated Strawberry Lemon Ice, but I gave it an A- last year. Not sure if my scent-taste has changed or if this tart was just off. Overall, I just hated the artificial notes of this scent.

-Kari Ann



  1. In the picture it looks a bit crumbly. Do you think it could be off ? I’ve had tarts like this before and think maybe they were from old stock

    • Hi Matt, I was wondering if it was just me, but all of the tarts I’ve recently bought have been this crumbly texture. A few I’ve gotten recently almost crumble into wax beads. I ordered this online, so who knows how old it is or if it had been sitting in the sun! Hm, great thought, because it is like I tried two different scents!

      • The reason I mentioned this is because, near to where I live is a YC shop. When I say shop it’s actually in an industrial type building. There’s lots of stock. Yc..Goose Creek. Village and Lots more. Last time I was in to buy a couple of YC melts I noticed that quite a lot of them looked very crumbly and the labels underneath were discoloured. This made me wonder how long they had been there. I didn’t buy any of these. Hope this helps.

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