New World Journey: Italian Tiramisu

outletj1Okay, this post is written by Kari, but dictated by Jenna. I had to get Jenna to post about her finds…and if I have to write it, so be it! LOL.

Jenna went to a Yankee Candle Outlet today, and she found some treasures! She sent me a few exciting and promising photos that I just had to post.

First of all, there is a new World Journey: Italian Tiramisu. Seeing as tiramisu is Kari’s favorite dessert of all time, this is an exciting scent that is about time! I’d love to see more dessert-theme world journey scents since it outletj2highlights different cultures in a great way, especially for the holidays! (There is something about dessert that just reminds Kari of Christmas, no matter what dessert it is!)

There were two other notable mentions, both interestingly with the ‘older’ label style. That begs the question: are they new scents or old scents (from maybe Europe or Canada) that have just now popped up at the outlet? Viva Havana looks like it would go along outletj3with Riviera Escape. Macaron Treats looks awesome and is labelled as a ‘Festive” scent,. It does have the red ribbon ‘new’ but this is not a scent I remember seeing.

Anyways, outlets always have treasures, and are so different between different states, making it worth popping in at any time! I (Kari) am not sure what these smell like, but I bet Jenna could fill us in if people where curious!

-Jenna and Kari-



  1. You were on the right track – both Viva Havana and Macaron Treats are UK scents. Viva Havana is from this year’s ‘Viva Havana’ summer collection (the other 3 scents were Cuban Mojito, Delicious Guava + Tobacco Flower). Macaron Treats is from last year’s Christmas release, the other 3 were Festive Cocktail (just the UK name for ‘Alpine Martini’), All is bright (same as US), and Star Anise + Orange.

  2. I’m in the Uk and have Macaron Treats.I managed to get it on sale but I haven’t tried it yet. Has anyone else tried it?

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