Mixology: Summer Slushie

mixliI was feeling summery and decided to try mixing two fruity Yankee Candle scents. Because who doesn’t love a cold Italian Ice or Snow Cone during a hot summer day at the beach?

Summer Slushie: Strawberry Lemon Ice & Juicy Watermelon

The Scent: It was a nice, fruity scent that reminded me of summer mixed drink. The dominant note was the sweet watermelon with hints berry-scented simple sugar. It was reminiscent of the Tropical Punch Kool-Aid mix (the one in the light blue packet – not the regular Fruit Punch). It definitely smelled like a summer-fruit combination, but lacked that icy factor that would have reminded me of a slushie. B+ 

The Throw: The throw was on the weaker side, maybe a light throw up to a light-medium if you were sitting closer to the tart warmer. This was the type of throw that you got used to pretty quickly, so it was just kind of forgettable. C-

Overall, my Summer Slushie mix of Juicy Watermelon and Strawberry Lemon Ice was not as good as I’d thought. It just didn’t blend in the way I wanted – more summer fruit than icy dessert. The throw also left more to be desired. It was strange that I found Juicy Watermelon to be the stronger scent – but that worked in my favor since I didn’t particularly like Strawberry Lemon Ice.

What are you thoughts – have you tried this combination or something similar?



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