Wallflower: Pearberry

pb.jpgMy bedroom Bath & Body Works Wallflower for October is Pearberry.

The Scent: The scent is nice- a fresh, crisp pear balanced by a touch of berry-like sweetness. It smells fresh-picked, refreshing, and does not come off as artificial. I do wish the berry was a touch stronger, but the pear note is just wonderful! B+

The (Bulb) Throw: The throw of this Wallflower is unfortunately pretty weak. I’m a week in and I can barely detect it. I only get a hint of the Pearberry when I first walk into my bedroom…then poof, I’m used to it and can’t detect anything. This throw needs to be at least 2 notches higher. C-

Overall, I like  the fresh, fruity scent of Pearberry… I just wish the throw had more of a presence.

-Kari Ann


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