Happy Halloween: Bath & Body Works

hh1I am in love with this Happy Halloween candle from Bath & Body Works. It is seriously perfect and getting me in the mood for Halloween.

So, it is just a ‘glitterized’ version of Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, but this scent fits in so well with Halloween and the start of the holiday season. This jar was pricey – because it was a Halloween scent, the jar was ~$27, so even with the $10 off sale on-going, it was still way more than I perfect to pay. But, this is a high quality candle and definitely worth it to me.

hh3My husband rarely comments on my candle selection unless I ask him. A few days ago,  he commented saying “this is probably my favorite candle scent you’ve burned in a really long time. It smells like the holidays.” He’s never made such a praise for a candle scent!

The Scent: It wonderfully blends spicy clove, cinnamon topped pumpkin puree, and a dash of sweetened vanilla. It is a spicy, sweet, and completely autumnal scent. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin has been one of my favorites from Bath & Body Works for a while because of this balance. I just love the clove, sugar, and pumpkin – it smells like late fall! A+

hh2The Throw: The throw is perfect – I’ll say it is a strong throw that is not over-bearing or head-ache inducing. It completely and consistently filled up my living room, and even my kitchen and hallway. This is a throw that will fill your house! A+

So, Happy Halloween (aka Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin) is just wonderful. I could burn this all year round. I do love the Halloween-themed jar and appreciate the spooky description, however, the glitter jar is not worth the extra cash they charge. Next time, I’ll save the $5 by getting the regular jar!

-Kari Ann


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