Moonbeams on Pumpkins: Yankee Candle

mopMoonbeams on Pumpkins seemed like a great scent to get ready for Halloween. This new, fall 2017 Yankee Candle scent had me excited. Unfortunately, this one gave me a terrible headache!

The Scent: This is a sweetened pumpkin scent. It smelled liked pumpkin puree topped with caramelized sugar, vanilla, a hint of cinnamon, and the super sweet base to a pumpkin spice latte. To me, it needed more of that cinnamon and clove note to balance the sweet. I also swear it had a touch of maple. If you like sweet pumpkin scents, this one is for you. It was just too sweet for me and gave me a terrible headache. D+

The Throw: The throw of my tart was a medium-strong. It completely filled up my living room after about an hour. Unfortunately, it was over-bearing and gave me a wicked headache! I had to turn it off after about an hour of that medium-strong throw. I’ll also note that there are a lot of complaints that the jars have a weak throw. A-

Overall, I could see people loving Moonbeams on Pumpkins. This one just did not sit well with my migraine-prone sensitivities to some scents!

Kari Ann



  1. Moonbeams was meh to me. I got a bready note from the melt cup, used it once and gave to my sister who said it had a piney smell, just weird and didn’t come together. I also heard from someone it was a repackage of warm spice? Not sure because I’ve never smelled that scent. Too bad, I love the packaging, also too bad about the migraine, I hate that!

  2. I bought the large jar Moonbeams and you are right about the throw. I was disappointed but now that it has burned down I have it on a warmer and am finally enjoying the fragrance.

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