Wallflower: Honey & Tangerine

htMy new Wallflower to help get rid of the ‘stale closet’ smell in my bedroom is the Bath & Body Works scent Honey & Tangerine. I’d love to review the scent, but this one just has no throw!

The Scent: It had hints of honey-drizzled citrus. It was promising, like a fresh clementine with gooey honey. However the throw was just not there, so I can’t fully describe the scent since I never truly smelled it! C

The (Bulb) Throw: Scentless. This one never gave off any scent! It’s like I have nothing plugged in! F

Overall, Honey & Tangerine just has no throw… so it’s pretty ineffective at being a scent diffusor!

-Kari Ann



  1. This is crazy because the honey wallflower I’m currently using (Honey bee or something like that) is the greatest wallflower I’ve ever tried, non-stop throw. Way to go on the inconsistency Bath and Body Works!

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