Balsam Wreath: Goose Creek

balsam wreathI bought this large jar of Balsam Wreath from Goose Creek last year at ~75% off. Now that Christmas music is officially playing on the radio and in stores, I thought it was time to give it a try!

The Scent: It’s perfectly fine, but nothing special. It smells like a pretty typical Christmas tree scent with a heavy dose of spicy cinnamon. It’s not genetic or artificial; the pine notes are fresh, slightly sweet, and even icy. And the cinnamon touch reminds me of being in a craft store (you know, the scent of a hand-made Christmas wreath with cinnamon potpourri as decoration.) Anyway, I enjoyed it! B+

The Throw: Unfortunately, the throw was on the weaker side. This is one of the weakest throws I’ve experienced from Goose Creek. You can only detect it if you happen to be sitting right next to the lit candle, and even then it’s forgettable and you only get the occasional whiff. D+

Overall, Christmas Wreath is a pretty typical, but delightful scent with a poor throw.

-Kari Ann


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