Balsam & Clove: Yankee Candle

balsam and cloveBalsam & Clove is one of Yankee Candle’s new holiday 2017 scents. While I like the scent, it just doesn’t seem very ‘holiday’ to me.

The Scent: Warm clove is the most dominant note with touches of cinnamon. There is also a wood scent, almost like wet tree bark from a freshly fallen tree branch. (This is a scent I love, especially since I just did yard work.) I just don’t get any pine, so I guess the ‘balsam’ is meant to be woodsy and note pine-like. It’s a nice, warm and fresh scent. B

The Throw: The throw of this tart was great, but short-lived; I’d say a solid medium. After about 30 minutes, my entire living room smelled like Balsam & Clove. It filled my room without being too strong. My one complaint is that the strength only lasted a few hours, and not just because my nose was getting used it it. B

Overall, Balsam & Clove was a nice scent, but without the pine notes, it just didn’t smell Christmas-like or even wintry at all! It is more of a fall scent, but I did appreciate the variety to the normal pumpkin, cinnamon, and pine scents.

-Kari Ann


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