Outlet Trip!

I went to my local Yankee Candle outlet on Black Friday with my Mom. There were a few notable mentions that I will highlight here… but I’ll admit that it was so swamped inside, I didn’t get to linger as long as I normally do!

Amber & Citrus Whisper
Amber & Citrus Whisper: This one had a beautiful label, so I was drawn in. Overall, I enjoyed this scent, but I am just not that into amber. If you like warm amber scents, this may be worth a sniff. The citrus adds a nice sweetness that makes it warm and pleasant.
Sweet Golden Maple: I also fell in love with this label. The scent was subtle, like a light and sweet maple syrup. It was stronger than New England Maple from the World Journey collection, but it still didn’t seem like it would have a good throw.
Frosted Winter Evergreen: Another cute label… but a fairly run-of-the-mill evergreen scent.
The Battle at Midnight: This was part of a Christmas-Nutcracker line that I found charming. This scent was pretty generic… so much so I already forget what it smelled like. I think it was just a basic cinnamon scent.

Nutcracker Magic and The Christmas Gift were also part of the Nutcracker line. They are the same color with the same golden label, so I almost missed that they were two separate scents. I am pleading the fifth on these for what they smelled like… like I said, it was crowded!

The Land of Sweets: I loved this scent. It was like a (finally!) good sugared plum scent! It was sweet and candy-like, without being over-the-top. Think ribbon candy, sugared plums, crystallized sugar, and a touch of grape!
Olive & Thyme: This was my favorite scent I’ve sniffed in a while! The olive oil, fresh thyme, slight salty-sweetness, and green notes were just perfect.
out 9
Just two cute label variants!

So no crazy finds… but some notables here! Happy Hunting!

-Kari Ann



      • I’ve just been buying melts for a while now. Then I don’t feel as though I’ve wasted money on a large candle. I also don’t buy small candles for the same reason….poor scent…poor throw.
        I’ve been buying Village Candles or some scents of Goose Creek instead of YC.

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