Guava Coconut Fusion: Yankee Candle

Guava Coconut fusionGuava Coconut Fusion was one of Yankee Candle’s summer 2017 scents… and I’m only just getting around to trying it! I mean, why not try a summer scent on the first snow of the season!?

The Scent: The scent was… both nostalgic and weird to me. The guava note reminded me of the Guava flavored Lip Smackers gloss from my childhood. That’s all I could think about! The coconut note was just okay and smelled like a generic tropical note. This was just an above average tropical scent to me… nothing special. B-

The Throw: The throw was on the light-medium side. It was detectable, but didn’t have a strong presence. You’d get used to the scent pretty quickly, and the scent radius was small. I couldn’t really smell it that well if I was more than 10 feet away from the tart warmer. It wasn’t a dud by any means, and you could smell it within 10 minutes of melting… it just needed to have more staying power. C+

Overall, I am being critical of Guava Coconut Fusion. It is certainly a unique scent with a more exotic tropical note in the guava, but it just didn’t work for me and the average throw left more to be desired.

-Kari Ann


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