Final Thoughts on Balsam Wreath

balsam wreath tunnelA few weeks ago, I began melting a large jar of Balsam Wreath from Goose Creek. Now that I am almost done burning it, how did my grading hold up?

Turns on, I was spot on!

I’ll still give the scent a B+ because the pine tree notes are fresh and festive. However, the throw is just so poor, you can barely smell anything unless you are standing right over the candle. In fact, a D+ may even be generous.

And…. about 3/5th of the way through the candle, it started both tunneling and drowning! Because of the drowning (that’s when the melted wax keeps putting out the flame), only one wick would stay lit at a time… which then caused tunneling. I ended up having to switch back-and-forth between wicks.

Anyways, it was a poor throw with a bad burn! 😦

Kari Ann


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